SINGA Labs will be crowd-funding for a high-quality 6-month incubator that encourages refugees, migrants and locals to collaborate to create the companies of the future.

SINGA Labs dreams of a world where everyone can unlock their full potential no matter where they are from or where they come from, and create a more sustainable and inclusive future together.

SINGA Labs will be crowd-funding for a high-quality 6-month incubator that is focused on the generation of projects that provide solutions to relevant challenges not only for the local economy, but also for an eventual collaborating organization.

My primary task was to create a general look and feel for the campaign and incubator that SINGA will use in all campaign messages, videos, online and offline materials, presentations, designs and communication elements during the incubator. I was also tasked with creating an interactive video that highlights what the program is and how people can participate.

May 2019

Motion Design Experience Design Brand Identity

I designed SINGA Lab's look and feel using basic shapes because their organization is primarily supported by their expansive network of volunteers.

I selected shapes as the primary style because it could be replicated easily by SINGA's volunteers, and still leaves huge room for individual creativity.

Additionally, the initial color palette I created aimed to present a dream-like and bright vibe to represent the type of future SINGA wishes for everyone to achieve no matter where they are from or where they come from. However, in order to keep the look and feel of SINGA Labs unified with SINGA's current branding I eventually selected to go with SINGA's pre-existing brand colors.

Using SINGA's colors and fundamental shapes, I created SINGA Lab's campaign video by translating the original script into visual storyboard scenes and brought the scenes to life in Adobe After Effects.

To design and create SINGA Lab's campaigan video, I started by translating the original script from spanish to english before visualizing the script into different storyboard scenes. After fleshing out the script into pencil sketches, I created the scenes in Adobe After Effects.

The final campaign materials for SINGA Labs followed a consistent color palette and shapes branding, and included templates for online campaign materials and a promotional video.

With the campaign materials, SINGA Labs aims to fully crowd-fund their upcoming 6-month incubator for refugees and locals to collaborate and create companies of the future, and open up new doors of opportunities for all parties.

During the incuator, SINGA Labs will follow innovative methodologies such as design thinking and lean startup, and will focus on providing training and support in business, technology, sustainability and personal development for entrepreneurs.

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