Bullying is one the leading causes of suicide, depression and loneliness. There are many variations to the problem, but with emerging technologies in machine learning I want to create a solution that can account for these variations and end bullying.

There are many existing campaigns, applications, and conferences that focuses on anti-bullying and spreading awareness to families, teachers, and children. However, many of these existing solutions relies on an authority of power to care, families to recognize various bullying symptoms, and children to be developed enough to comprehend and utilize the resources available to them.

In these cases, there are many variations to the problem dependent on the individual, school, location, culture, and other unique factors. With emerging technologies in machine learning, I want to create a unique solution that can account for these variations and effectively resolve one of the largest contributing factors that leads to suicide, depression, and loneliness.

Sep. 2018 - Oct. 2018

Experience Design Strategy Brand Identity

Data Science Front-end Development


Priscilla Li
Leah Newman
Timothee Oliveau

Tamino Jakobs
Mateo Jara

Bullying is a complex and sensitive subject, and we ensured that we understood the topic comprehensively before diving into ideation of any kind.

We started the project by immediately conducting user interviews with individuals willing to share their story and experiences with bullying.

We discovered that children taking on the role of bullying are usually aware of the true adversities of their actions and remain detached from the situation. Meanwhile children being bullied will avoid reaching out for help due to numerous factors, such as, fearing the bullying will worsen once someone finds out, or thinking nothing will change regardless if they speak up or not.

Our interviewees proposed that children should be provided with courses that teaches them how to build confidence, practice empathy, and socialize with others in any setting.

We wanted Anti.B to be a web platform that would seamlessly integrate into the teacher's work flow, and utilize artificial intelligence to detect not only when bullying was occuring, but to prevent it before it occurs.

We reached out to teachers, and conducted user interviews with them to better understand what features they envision in the ultimate teaching assistance tool. From these interviews, we not only gathered insights on features teachers would love to have on Anti.B, but also direction on where, when and how to launch Anti.B, and potential Anti.B competitors.

Anti.B is an web application that aims to create a world where every child can live a life without what-ifs and the physical, mental, and emotional scars from bullying.

We designed Anti.B as an educational web application that reduces biases from teachers, students, and adults against bullying and their victims, identifies and prevents short and long term effects of bullying, and provides teachers with the ultimate tool to provide students with the best learning experience.

Anti.B's logo was designed based off of Pinocchio's official voice of reason, Jiminy Cricket, to represent a world where each individual listens to their consciousness and says 'NO!' to bullying.

Different from our competitors Anti.B uses classroom metrics, such as, creative assignments, attendance, participation, and grades to develop a machine learning model that detects a student's risk of being bullied or tendency to bully.

Post risk identification, we aim to provide at risk individuals with in and out of class activities to eliminate identified risks. A plausible example of a class activity is allowing students to set rules for what happens when bullying occurs and the consequences for engaging in such behavior.

To measure if Anti.B is successful we will be taking into account the following metrics: number of students identified at risk declining, evaluations by counsellors post-notification regarding student risk, evaluations by volunteers post-course and activities for at risk students, and anonymous survey feedback from students.

Lets build a world where every child can live a life without what-ifs and the irrevocable scars from bullying!